1.25" Burgundy - Wickett & Craig - English Bridle Leather Belt

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Full grain leather belt handmade in the USA (St. Louis, MO). This is a burgundy dyed strap of English Bridle leather, cut 1.25” slim width, length cut to order, and thickness is left as the full 10-12oz. Sourced from the Wickett & Craig tannery in Pennsylvania, this is leather that ages very well! The edges start off glassy with a clear view of the interior leather fibers. Over time, with body heat and the oils from your hands, the burgundy color will become a bit deeper, the leather will soften slightly, and the polished edges will become even smoother. Works well as a men’s or women’s leather belt. See sizing guide image for correct measurement instructions.


  • Width: 1.25 inches (slim)
  • Length: Cut to order. Not the same as pants or waist size. See sizing image.
  • Thickness: 10oz – 12oz (4mm – 4.6mm). Full thickness shoulder or back cut from hide.
  • Firmness: English Bridle Leather is a little different than regular bridle. English Bridle needs a little less time to "break-in" and won't have the same "squeaky" attributes on day one. Starts out stiff/firm but easily breaks in over time with oils from your hands, sunlight, and body heat. Eventually becomes soft and supple with lots of strength. This will be a long lasting strap.
  • Tannery: Leather hide sourced from the Wickett & Craig tannery in Pennsylvania.
  • Solid Brass Buckle & Chicago Screws. Choose from natural brass or nickel plated brass
  • Burgundy color, deepens with age.
  • Handmade belt loop “keeper”
  • Beveled, waxed, and polished edges. Smooth finish, no raw or fuzzy edges
  • Standard five holes punched (optionally add 1 smaller and 1 larger hole)
  • Proudly stamped with “Made in the USA” on the back

Customer Reviews

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1.5" burgundy - wickett and craig - english bridle leather belt

I like the leather that the belt is made from and the rivets that are part of the belt; however, the brass buckle that is part of the belt is way too small for such a thick belt--that buckle is more suitable for a much thinner belt. I believe for the price you pay, you should get a much better and bigger buckle.

Randy Emmett

Good reliable service with a quality product

Nicholas Fisher
1.25" Burgundy - Wickett & Craig - English Bridle Leather Belt with solid brass buckle and fasteners

Excellent quality and workmanship. Highly recommended.

W Lane Edwards Jr
Excellent quality and worksmanship on good piece of leather

Excellent product; great communicatons from company. no hesitation to recommend

Andrew Kerner
Great handmade belt.

I wanted another English bridle belt so, this time, I chose Noble Buffalo mostly for two reasons. 1. It is handmade 100 miles from me in the St Louis area. 2. I chose this leather mostly because it was the thickest leather they had on the website and I wanted a thick 1.25" wide belt. By the way, they have an outstanding website for ordering a belt. I have only worn it 5-6 times so far. I am very pleased with the belt. It seems to be about the same price and quality as other English bridle leather belts that I have. Two suggestions: I did ordered the extra two holes punched in the belt (7 holes instead of 5) - a 7 hole punch should be standard anyway instead of 5 holes. And, there is only a USA stamped on the back of the belt - They should also stamp their logo and contact info. I would certainly order another Noble Buffalo product. Quality is paramount for me, and this is high quality.

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