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American Made Buffalo Belt - 1.25"

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Important: See the sizing chart below before ordering. Custom belts are measured differently from pants and will often be 3-5 inches larger than your waist size.

Slim 1.25" version of the Buffalo Belt

This is a handcrafted solid leather slab buffalo belt cut from a full-grain hide of buffalo leather. The color is a glossy deep mahogany. The texture is smooth with slight pebbling. Upon order, I'll cut a strap 1.25" (tall) and measured out to your needed length. The 1.25" height is slightly shorter than the standard 1.5" belt, but both sizes fit standard belt loops. Some people prefer the slimmer/shorter look of the 1.25" belt, so we offer both as an option. This can be a men's or women's leather belt. It goes great with a pair of jeans, work khakis, or dress slacks on more formal occasions. This is my most sold everyday belt. Not suited as a heavy gun holster or workman's utility belt. The dark glossy leather and stunning natural brass hardware will make this your favorite piece in your wardrobe. Handmade in St. Louis, Missouri for you upon order.

Shipping Times: Your belt will be created just for you upon ordering. Please allow 1-3 business days for your belt to be crafted, waxed, oiled, and a drying period before shipping out. Shipping is free within the United States.

Belt Size

How To Measure Belt Size


If your new belt isn't the perfect fit when it arrives, you can ship it back within 90 days of delivery, and I'll work with you on finding your exact size. Just contact me with your order number and the new size you need. If you need help finding your exact size or measuring your old belt, I'm happy to help (just ask!). Each belt comes with 5 holes punched exactly 1 inch between each hole for size flexibility. I want this process to be easy, especially if you are buying as a gift for someone else.

Smooth Buffalo Leather

This is a great smelling, full grain, ultra smooth buffalo leather. 

Buffalo leather has a soft, supple, almost glossy feel to it. You'll notice and appreciate the difference compared to regular cowhide belts. 

Each hide and strap of leather will be unique to the buffalo it came from and will tell the story of that animal. You may see more or less pebbling and each strap will have its unique characteristics.

I don't use thinned out leather, scraps, glue, or stitches to make any belt. These are 9 to 10 oz (3.5mm - 4.25mm) thick ultra smooth leather straps. You also won't get a "rough cut" or "rustic" strap with frayed edges. I'll take the time to bevel, slick, and wax the edges for a polished look and great feel.

Solid Brass Hardware

Brass Buckle Leather BeltThe buckle and chicago screws are made of 100% solid brass from an Italian foundry. Chicago screws can be unscrewed if you would like to swap out the buckle in the future. I've worked with a lot of different buckles, and this buckle is by far the best buckle. The hefty weight of the solid brass is immediately noticeable and something customers often comment on.

Buy It For Life Guarantee

If at any point this belt fails you, contact me. We'll arrange for the belt to be shipped back for repair, replacement, or refund. See the full buy it for life leather belt guarantee policy for more details.

Care & Maintenance

This is optional, but for best longevity, treat with oil every 3-5 years or as needed if you live in a dry climate. I'll treat your belt with Mink Oil upon purchase, and recommend Mink Oil or Neatsfoot oil for maintenance further down the road. See our leather belt care guide for more details.

Creation Process

Your belt strap will be hand cut from a buffalo hide, trimmed to your requested length, beveled, oiled, holes punched, waxed, buffed again, and hardware affixed. A belt keeper (belt loop) will be separately crafted from the same strap and affixed next to the buckle. An "English Point" shaped tip will be cut into the end of the strap. All steps are performed by hand with no machinery and each belt is made to order. Any questions before ordering, feel free to ask and you'll get a quick reply!

Handmade in Saint Louis, MO in 2021.