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Shell Cordovan Shawl Cuff - Green

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Shell Cordovan is the smoothest and most expensive leather in the world. This is a handmade american shell cordovan shawl cuff. Edges are polished and waxed so they will not snag on fibers or yarn. Corners are also rounded and polished for the same purpose.

The Leather:

Shell Cordovan comes from horsehide leather and is the finest leather money can buy. The leather is thin and easily wraps around a shawl, but is dense enough to last a lifetime. The exterior is perfectly smooth and supple.


Forest Green color looks great with a variety of colored shawls and really compliments yellow and brighter colors of yarn.


Cuff measures 6-3/4"" long x 3/4" wide.

The Hardware:

Closes with the highest quality Japanese solid brass snaps that will not jam, bend, dent, or get stuck like most button snaps on the market.


Handmade in Saint Louis, MO in 2021.