1.25" Slim Leather Belts

This is the slimmer (1.25" wide) leather belts that I offer. Standard belts are 1.50", but you may want a slimmer belt if you wear dress pants with smaller loops, or if you prefer the slimmer look. Great as men's or women's leather belts.

All belts are handmade upon order. These are full thickness solid cuts of premium leathers. Some belts are full grain and others are top grain (original texture vs smooth finish), but all are considered full "top grain" leathers. All belts are cut from buffalo or cow hide, made with solid brass, given a water resistant finish, all edges are polished then waxed for a premium look and increased longevity, and proudly stamped with "Made in the USA" on the back.

Every belt shown can be customized with either a gold or silver buckle. Also offering roller style buckles now. Choose your leather/color on this page and the buckle on the next page.