All About Shawl Cuffs

What is a shawl cuff?

What is a shawl cuff?A shawl cuff is a small strap used to secure the two ends of your shawl, cowl, or scarf together. It is typically made of leather with snaps on each end, but can be made of any material. A solid color shawl cuff can compliment the colors of your shawl without drawing attention away from your hand-knitted shawl.
Shawl Cuff with snaps opened

How to wear a shawl cuff?

How to wear a shawl cuffDepending on the type of shawl, you'll either wear your shawl around your neck or over your shoulders. The two ends of the shawl will meet in the center of your chest and a shawl cuff can be snapped on to hold the ends in place.

Different sizes of shawl cuffs

Noble Buffalo produces three lengths of Shawl Cuffs. Every shawl cuff can be ordered in the 6.5" (small), 7.5" (regular) or 9" (large) variety.

Size Yarn Types Example Usage
6.5 inch (small) Lace, Super Fine, and Fine This smallest shawl cuff will be best suited for your superfine, lace, fingering yarn, sock, baby yarn, sport yarn, and other fine weight and super fine weight yarns.
7.5 inch (regular) Light, Medium, Bulky A good all-around shawl cuff length. Good for light and medium weight yarns and fabrics. This would fit best on your Double Knit (DK) yarn, 8 ply yarn, light worsted, worsted, aran, afghan, 10 ply, chunky, craft, rug, and other light, medium or bulky yarns. When in doubt, this is the best size to start with.
9.0 inch (large) Super Bulky, Jumbo The largest shawl cuff is good for heavy weight yarns used in cold weather projects. This would be best suited for your super bulky, super chunky, roving, jumbo, ultra yarns, or if you are wrapping multiple layers of a medium weight.


Difference between a Shawl Pin and Shawl Cuff

Both items server the same purpose. Some fabrics have smaller stitch holes or no stitch holes at all, so you'd need to use a Shawl Cuff on these. On yarn shawl cuffs, it comes down to a matter of preference. Some people like the solid accent color that a shawl cuff provides. An accent color will compliment the colors of your homemade knitted shawl. Some people also find that the cuff takes up less room in a purse/handbag than a long shawl pin.


Shawl Cuff Quality

Leather Shawl Cuff Smooth Edges

All leather shawl cuffs by Noble Buffalo will be crafted as if they will be used on a yarn shawl. An edge that is beveled, slicked, polished, and waxed will have a glossy appearance and will resist snagging on your fine yarns. Noble Buffalo starts with ultra-smooth Italian leathers, rounds off the corners, and then takes the time to do several iterations of edge treatment. This type of preparation will pair with fine yarn shawls much better than "rough cut" or recycled leathers.


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