Leather Belt Care & Maintenance

Leather Belt Maintenance And Care

  • All belts will come oiled and buffed.
  • However, every 3-5 years you may want to re-oil your belt if it feels dry or you live in a dry or cold climate.
  • We recommend applying a light coating of Mink Oil or Neatsfoot Oil to both sides of the belt.
  • Using a towel, rag, or old t-shirt, rub the oil into the leather until there is uniform color and no visible streaks.
  • After applying oil, buff again with a clean towel to remove excess oil from the surface.
  • Allow the belt to rest for 24-48 hours before wearing.
  • Repeat every few years or as needed.

Recommended Belt Care Products

Belt Care - Neatsfoot Oil
Belt Care - Mink Oil


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