Bestselling Leather Belts

These are the leather belts I've been making the most of in 2022. Every belt you see is: Full Grain, Solid Brass, and 100% handmade by Noble Buffalo in Saint Louis, MO

You'll notice two price points on my handmade belts:

  • $75 price is my standard belts, still 100% handmade from full and top grain leather hides, given the same level of care and treatment, and requires the same 1-3 days for creation.
  • $95 price will get you the flagship leather hides offered by the oldest American leather tanneries in the United States. These belts are made using Grade 1 hides from leather tanneries that have been around for over 100 years. If you want a fantastic looking belt that may outlast you...this is the collection you want!